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Published on January 2nd, 2015 | by Joe-Lou


PC Music and Other Bits of Psychotic British Pop

This is awesome, but a part of me feels like I don’t actually know what’s going on. Here’s my attempt to describe the pop music movement initiated by record label PC-Music.

I can hear a horde of dance floor rejects crawling out of the sewers of the UK underground. These mutant ravers are covered in the discarded samples and excrement of AAA pop sensations like Lady GaGa and “bad bitch” Nicki Minaj. Dripping with drum beats that are just barley too harsh for most clubs and fronted by some of the most absurd vocals I’ve ever heard.

Every line from every tack below absolutely reeks of overly simplistic, teenybopper, boy-toy ideology. These lyrics may trick the audience into believing it’s just another Middle School dance track.  It’s hard to tell if this stuff is satirical or a direct response to overly deep, fake emotions of today’s popular American music.  But whether or not they’re trying to take a stab at our culture is besides the point because there’s definitely something new happening here. Something absolutely weird and I freaking love it!

Once you give up on trying to understand the backhanded vocals, you might try and tap your finger to the beat. This also proves as an impossible task because most of this pop is designed to specially advert expectation.


A few of my co-workers can confirm this was a staple in my office for a little over a month.  Hannah Diamond’s Pink and Blue is what stared this obsession of mine. She is the one who lead me down the rabbit hole to discover UK pop label PC music.  Since then my world has never be the same.


Sophie’s HARD might be the most Plunderphonic track listed here. An Aphex Twin “Rubber Johnny” sample is copy/pasted front and center. Regardless of who made what, it still kicks like radioactive mule.

“Hey QT! Yeah? There’s something I’d like to say. I feel your hands on my body, every-time I think of you boy!”
YES YES YES!!! Drink it up! Drink the soda, just do it! I love this and I have no idea why. Just have fun, who cares what the hell is happening, just drink down that fizzy soda pop!

Please let me know if you find yourself hooked on all this cotton candy. Maybe we can start a support group.

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