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Published on July 12th, 2013 | by Mel Gray



Our latest Fucked Up Flick is so epic, we reviewed it TWICE.  In this entry you’ll find BOTH episodes that cover our new favorite-est, awesome-ful, movie! It’s a movie that exemplifies everyone’s favorite movie review segment.  It comes to us as a suggestion from our frenemy over at  The Pull Pile PodcastWinthrop Chesterton.  If he wasn’t sheltering his co-host The Head from battling JohnECapcom, this might have forgiven him our blood feud. Better luck next time.

You’ll have to forgive our audio in the most recent episode (#69) and you’ll find last week’s episode (#68, from July 1st) just beneath it.



We’re joined by Ralph Lewis, former host of the “Two Angry Men Podcast” to catch up on what he’s been doing and what he’s doing in the  future. Capcom’s back and we get his take on Miami Connection complete with his new top-five bad movies.  It’s Canada Day and Keith tells us how he celebrated it. In America news, Matt and Mel got to hang out in real life.  It’s a new and moderately exciting Sidecast and it’s all for you. Enjoy! NSFW


Mel’s watching a ton of movies, Capcom’s on summer vacation, Matt’s working his ass off, and Keith likes Muppets.  Enjoy our first review of Miami Connection  with Matt, Keith, and Mel.  Plus, there’s a “couch fucker” on the loose and we simply must discuss it.  Check us out! NSFW

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I'm from the Sidecast. A show about 4 people who talk nonsense,movies,games, TV, books, music, the world and everything. YES Capcom is REALLY Irish. Enjoy! #NSFW

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