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SquarePop is a group of enthusiast press talking about what they love.
All forms of art and entertainment are taken into consideration for the site.

We started as an online magazine in 2012. In 2016 we evolved into a live event coordinator.

Contact: hellodrjoe   at

Lead event curator and owner:

Joe’s an offbeat musician from Providence RI. His real job involves designing some stuff, but by night he likes to help run shows. His current lead music project is called Space Heater.

Staff Photographer:

Nicole Carriere!

Additional contributors

Tara is the resident mad scientist at SquarePop, crafting bubbling concoctions out of Boston, MA.  When she’s not imparting empirical knowledge unto the masses, she’s babbling nonsense on the Brain Freeze Podcast. She’s also our self-appointed Comma Czar, ensuring all SquarePop posts pass grammatical muster.

mel avatarMel Gray!
Mel’s recently come back to the East Coast after a long stint in Seattle, explaining her strange continued fascination with that far off place. She’s been writing since she was eleven and fancies herself a storyteller once in awhile. When she’s not podcasting with the men of Sidecast she’s exploring the darkest reaches of internet culture or playing online MMOs.

markesMark Schiffer!
Mark is a college graduate media addict who currently lives at his parent’s house in Columbia, MD. Although he spent his undergrad period studying Film and Russian Literature, he currently spends much of his time watching Netflix, reading indie comic runs from beginning to end, and playing video games for their narrative content. He also plays tenor saxophone.

scottScott Meaney!
Up from the rugged lands of Shaolin (A tasteful middle-class neighborhood in Staten Island, NY), Scott is SquarePop’s expert on terrible movies and big dumb video games. He’s also a certified hypocrite who might suddenly love something mere moments after a twenty-minute hateful rant.

stgeneCorey St. Jean!
Corey is a great dude with a healthy admiration for pop-punk, Pokemon, and classic movies. He also strums guitar, writes words real good occasionally, and has a super gnarly beard.

daveDave Mandaglio!
Dave is a college senior at Fitchburg State and an avid gamer. With a love for local and global music, Dave is co-creator and host of WXPL’s The Local Flavor.  Born and raised on the Jersey shore, Dave proves there is more to The Garden State than bad smells and Snooki.

gregGreg Giannetti!
Greg is a writer of sorts as far as he’s concerned. After he’s finished slinging donuts, he spends his free time divulging in the immense world of popular culture.  Always willing and excited to share his new finds, you can always find him annoying the Cool Kids on the Brain Freeze Podcast.

heatherHeather Rose!
Heather is an illustrator from Boston, and member of the Bad Apple Artist Collective. She also really likes rabbits.

keithKeith Hanson!
Keith is a podcaster residing in New Jersey with a love for video games, Muppets, and pizza. He appears weekly on Sidecast, and is a new contributor to SquarePop. Follow him on Twitter @RoboDuke.

Brian Folan!
Brian is a musician who studied in Amherst MA, and is now resides in Providence R.I.  He reads a lot of great books which makes for some killer recommendations.

Joe Mauro!
Joe Mauro is a musician/videographer/photographer currently residing in Saint Petersburg Florida. He plays drums and a few other things.

Eric Hawkins!
Eric is the devil’s advocate, and as such will get into ceaseless debates over topics he cares nothing about. His friends call him Hawk. You can call him Mr. Hawkins.


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