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Published on July 7th, 2015 | by Joe-Lou


Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus: The Weather

It’s crazy to think that this album is already 12 years old, because The Weather still sounds like future music. Anyone who’s paid attention the hip hop scene in LA will undoubtedly know of at least one of these 3 artists: Busdriver, Radioinactive and Daedelus. This is a weirdo super group formed by two phenomenal, fast-mouthed rappers and backed by the frantic and whimsical beats of Daedelus.

The tone of the Weather is anything but serious. Our heroes take turns blurting out potshots towards an array half-baked political topics, from immigration to oil consumption to plastic surgery. Each subject is run over by immature, tongue-in-cheek ramblings that sound almost entirely improvised.

“Yeah girl, put your hands on my keyboard….Double click my mouse baby. Double click it. Click and drag baby. Click and drag. I sit alone in a chat room, stare’n at the screen, sip’n Miller Lite and Grenadine. You’ve been programmed, to kiss my earlobes and unbuckle my jeans, while you play the greatest hits of the Eagles and Supremes. Shall we download a theme?”

Traditionally, rap music with such a complete disregard for the politically correct would simply dissolve into pissing matches to form a cesspool of shock humor. But not for The Weather! These guys are too clever for that type of harassment, and frankly a little to weird.

Weird is the only consistent theme across this album. Both rappers put on slew of different characters and really seem to just be riffing to try and make each other laugh. The track Weather Locklear has an onslaught of whistling solos. Another tune Fine for a Robot literally has Radioinactive gargling water for a baseline.

The only part of this album I cant fully recommend is the ending track Barley Music. It is not super enjoyable, but that’s part of the point. This droney slug drags on and on with repetitive, distorted noises that lack any control or finesse. Our heroes take on these tough, macho personas and start ranting about how dark and twisted they are. I think this is satire aimed at the Power-Violence scene. After over seven minutes of torture the facade is broken, and The Weather breaks character to deliver this line:

“I tricked you! I tricked you into thinking this was actually dope stuff!… Your stupid for believing that this was really music, except it really wasn’t. It’s just gloppity gloop, gloopidy goo.”

Despite ending on such a sour note, The Weather is still one of my favorite hip hop albums, and I think that’s saying a lot.

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One Response to Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus: The Weather

  1. jacob says:

    this is definitely one of my favourite albums, I’m super happy there are articles like this out there

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