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Published on July 7th, 2015 | by Joe-Lou


ChuggaChugga: MealwormMonologues

This one goes out to anyone who’s ever ripped a mean air guitar while mouthing moronic metal sounds to a crowded cafeteria.

ChuggaChuggaChugga ChuggaChugga ChuggaCHA! ChuggaChugga CHA!ChuggaChuggaCHA! CHA! CHA!

ChuggaChugga is the vacation collaboration between myself and Corey “New Orleans Space Man” Acord.  Over Memorial day weekend, I flew down to his apartment and started tapping away on my drum machine. Mr. Acord picked up his might axe and we were on a roll. By the end of an intense three-day weekend, we had our new EP in our hands.

This is a short concept piece: music told from the perspective of a mealworm. This little wormy buddy is hungry and ready for “The Grave Man” to drop off more food. Tonight’s entree is a man named Frank, and his brains are delicious.

I hope you enjoy the new tunes. If you’d like to hear more, both Acord and myself recently released our new solo albums which can be fond under the names Joe-Lou and Teras-Kasi

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is an offbeat musician from Providence RI. His real job involves designing exhibits, but by night he does this stuff.

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