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Published on July 26th, 2012 | by Joe Mauro


Moisture Throne – DEEP, the Missing Link of Tech

There is a group of seasoned players from the Pacific Northwest that did something incredible in 2010, and it went on very under the radar.  Moisture Throne is the brainchild of  lead guitarist Joey Hyland.  Isolating himself from friends and musicians alike, Hyland spent over a month composing DEEP. When he re-entered the Portland music community,  Hyland recruited synth genius Ez Ra (aka “Easy Fresh”), bass player Andrew Joseph Weaver (of WEAVER), and drummer David Zeidman to complete his masterpiece.  The 4 then went on the to devoting the next six months of their lives to learning this epic twenty five minute long shred-tech composition.  DEEP is played with an ethereal mountain top level of ferocity and smoothness.  Barely venturing into 4/4 time, this score encapsulates every ounce of emotion from its players.  A few vocals creep in, usually adding depth to crescendos.

This isn’t a showy prog-band, or west coast shred group that jumped on the “math rock” bandwagon.  Moisture Throne breaks down the boundaries of what tech tunes can be —  injecting raw emotion throughout, while also keeping it absolutely rockin’!  Small noise sessions begin and end DEEP;  first to lull you into this track, and just as gently lead you out of it.  Moisture Throne performed only 5 times in Oregon, before  Hyland left for Brooklyn to pursue different musical ventures.  The three others went off to form the prog/pop/thrash dueling synth quartet “BREEZIN.”  Describing the track too much is not tasteful in my eyes, so please listen to this entire thing.  Chill out and relax to these next level tunes and go DEEP.  The Throne dudes are the missing link in the world of tech. DEEP is slated as an archival release LP on GOING Records.

listen here

And check out the first part of the song in this live video!

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