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Published on May 22nd, 2014 | by Mel Gray



This week, Matt’s making up words, then we continue our assault on social media, yet again.


Matt and Capcom have both seen Godzilla and from approximately 10 minutes in to 1h10m they spoil the shit out of it.

If you wish to stay pure, you should start listening somewhere in the middle.

We also talk about Game of Thrones – “Mockingbird” S4E7 

You’ve been warned.


A Sidenote from SIDECAST Fare thee well to our friends at PullPilePodcast who will be taking an indefinite hiatus from the podcast world.  You boys will be missed!

Don’t forget to join Matt and Chris aka (Nekobun)for Borderlands 2uesdays, every Tuesday around 8pm EST
We link the stream to our Facebook page every week!

Check out the fantastic art of our resident Irish dude, John E Capcom,while he’s away.

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We Talk Games co-host, Kyle VonKubik

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