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Published on August 7th, 2013 | by Mel Gray




We’re (almost) live during the announcement of the actor who’ll play the 12th regeneration of Doctor Who.  Matt’s place of employment is in the thick of the Wild West. Mel is reading a lot and Keith is playing Sleeping Dogs.  We talk about Keith’s distaste for hand-egg and the sports-balls, the Galway Races in Capcom’s city, and of course we talk about wrestling because we can’t NOT talk about wrestling.  Our Fucked Up Flick  this week is FDR: American Badass, we give our reviews and recommendations.  In news this week: London’s fire brigade is blaming “50 Shades of Grey” for people getting stuck in hand-cuffs, Phil Fish is having a meltdown, and Stan Lee is in trouble for being Stan Lee.  All this plus the Bioshock:Infinite DLC rolled up into one bundle of joyous audio, just for you.  Stuff it in your earholes and enjoy!


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I'm from the Sidecast. A show about 4 people who talk nonsense,movies,games, TV, books, music, the world and everything. YES Capcom is REALLY Irish. Enjoy! #NSFW

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