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Published on July 19th, 2012 | by Joe Mauro


UK’s Beat Nurse DeerGrips – Death Grips/Deerhoof Mash-Up

Manchester’s  Beat Nurse has created a concoction that has some serious bite to it.  DeerGrips, the moniker of this mash-up, is Deathgrips’ “Ex-Military” (2011) along with assorted tracks taken from Deerhoofs’ musical works.  Andy Morin, Zach Hill, and MC Ride – the guys who make up the whacked/dubbed/electro/trash/death/rap trio Deathgrips – are calling their process and style ‘Future Primitivism.’  Making dank music using common items of modern consumer technology such as iPhones, handheld digital video camcorders, and MacBooks as the recording tools.  Their website THIRD WORLDS is an internet portal to tons of new boundary breaking mixed media and features a really intriguing page called  Black Google. It provides .zip files of all the separated tracks from “Ex-Military,” allowing and encouraging producers and musicians all over the world to use these tracks to create new mixes; music composting if you will.  Beat Nurse took full advantage of this opportunity to create a magically twisted set of throw down party tracks.  The abrasive beats, bass lines, and hollering of Deathgrips layered with the twanging guitars and forest-nymph-pitched vocals of Deerhoof is the ultimate combo that will make anyone bob their head like they’re rollin’ deep.  Mash-ups are a hard thing to sell to music nerds, but with Deergrips, Beat Nurse has persuaded my heart. The phonic quality of this set of tracks is top notch.  Please blast this in your car system with the bass dropped a couple notches.  Most definitely throw this on at a party.  There will be oooooh’s and ahhhhhh’s and inebriated hoots and hollers when these tracks drop from a system at some urban rager.  If you’ve been stoked out on Deathgrips since they have been killin’ it on the scene then you MUST check this out.  Same goes for fans of Deerhoof, although if you are not down with abrasion and some real dirty but realistic topics then this mash-up is probably not for you.  For anyone’s head that has not been ripped by Deathgrips yet, the time is now. Beat Nurse dropped this on his soundcloud just the other day.  Get it while its hott.


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