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Published on December 1st, 2014 | by Joe-Lou


la galerie de youtube: Video Games Re-Imagined in Real Life

Header Image by Aled-Lewis

What’s for dinner tonight?
What was last nights homework?
Doe’s he/she think I’m cute?
How long can I hold in this fart?
What if this video-game was real?

For many of us, those are the top five questions we used to ask ourselves throughout grade school. Now it seems that we finally have an answer to at least one of these.  A large group of YouTube wizards have taken on the impossible task of showing what our favorite video games might look like in real life.

Mirrors Edge
If the game didn’t make you motion sick, this video might. Watch in awe as a man dressed as Faith jumps across rooftops for no apparent reason other than it look totally bad ass.


Splinter Cell
Its tough to imaging Sam Fisher played by this 20 something kid, but he still does a damn good job of killing tons of baddies, and that’s good enough for me.

Assassin’s Creed
Perhaps the most popular adaption here. Youtube’s got dozens of Ezio cosplays jumping over trash cans, yet it never seems to get old.


Mario Kart
Warning: if your drinking milk you may want to finish that sip before you click play.


Far Cry 3
This one is a bit long, but still primal enough to catch that Far Cry feel. Bonus points for including the most ridiculous treasure chest on the whole island.


Watch Dogs
Another cinematic piece that should prove relatively accurate to fans of the Chi-Town, crime hacking game.



For even more live-action shenanigans, I’d recommenced the Rooster Teeth original series: Immersion. It’s a Myth Busters style science show that explains the difficulties of being a video game hero.

If your interested in something a bit more crude. The pranksters of  Mega 64 have been acting like video game jerks in public for over 10 years now. Some of it is quite good.

Now remember, next time you decide to take your virtual skills to the real world, be sure to wear a helmet… and knee pads… and wrist guards.

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