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Published on November 13th, 2017 | by Joe-Lou


Sign up now: The PVD live film score festival



What is it?

The Providence Live Film Score festival is an annual event  curated by Joe-Lou @ Musicians perform live music to short films. Generally 3 or 4 acts are set up at a time and each video is played in rapid succession before a brief intermission.

When is it?

The second annual event is January 20th 2018. Load in for artist is at 6pm Shows starts at 7pm

What are the musician guidelines?

Musicians may perform solo or in groups of up to 3. This is the maximum # to make sure sure we have enough space for large back-lines and short set up times. Artists may use whatever instruments they want. Supplying your own  amps is encouraged. Please limit electronic gear to a 15 min set up.

What are the film guidelines?

All films under 13 mins will be considered. Films with excessive gore or pornographic content are discouraged. (This is designed to be a PG13 event although some rated R material is acceptable.)  Artist are encourage to work with film maker to source their video. Artist with original videos will be given priority over those without. You are welcome to source video from anything you would like, but if you don’t own the rights we not advertise the video. Which is ok. All videos are fair game because you are making live “Transformative  use” of the property- it is covered under fair use.

How can I sign up?


this event is NOT curated by AS220. Joe is a volunteer community curator at AS220 and is the one organizing this bill.
Please submit your chosen film by January 1st along with a brief explanation/sample of the audio you plan on making.

SIGN UP IS FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. Last year we filled the space very quickly so please reach out soon if you want to take part.
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is an offbeat musician from Providence RI. His real job involves designing exhibits, but by night he does this stuff.

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