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Published on April 23rd, 2017 | by Joe-Lou


Joe-Lou. Missed it.

Featured Image (photo above) by James Lastowski

I’m Joe-Lou.
I’m an electronic musician.
I’m from Providence Rhode Island.
I write and perform music on an analog drum machine.
I asked other people what they thought of when listing to my new album- Missed it.

This music made me feel as though I were in a futuristic mall from 1996 but for some reason it was not unpleasant to be in this mall. It felt like I was on a secret mission but so were the other denizens of this mall and it was one big elaborate joke where everybody had this sophisticated façade thing going on but really everyone was kind of smirking and in on the joke, which can’t be explained but could be understood. There was a coy pond. There were escalators.-Jeremy Joubert

Often times the swell and build-up of a song leads to something unexpected, not always a climax of sorts, but often a more nuanced turn of energy. Passages move from dark and heavy to light and airy, back and forth. Always fun, occasionally hectic, frantic, and explosive. I can imagine a million little robots composing these songs in a warehouse where they quickly assemble more of their kind on a never ending loop, always turning out new robots who continue to add to the melodies. In most, an otherworldly sense accompanies the music. Hints of a different future, maybe a different planet or reality, frequently accompanied by danceable drum beats and quick synth runs. Great running music.-Corey Farrenkopf

Sweat initially sounds like a computer starting up, which is cool for the first song of the album. There’s a constant play between friendly and unknown, melodic and percussive, near synths and far away sound effects. The whole song sounds like a hunter’s journey in an alien forest…..Hands, Hands sounds like a garbled robot stumbling home drunk, making hand guns at things he sees, shouting “PEW PEW PEW” and mumbling to himself……Tropicool ……It sounds like a trek, stomping up the side of a mountain. At the summit, hearing Joe’s voice as the vocal track is a nice touch, almost like an artist’s signature on the work as a whole…..Overall, this album has a very night time feel. Each song is a different scenario with a different threat level and pacing.-Liz Danchik

…Made me feel like I was running a marathon through a house of mirrors drunk, but periodically I’m passing tables giving away kittens instead of tiny cups of water. Like I’m lost, but not afraid of the fact that I’m lost, just exploring until I find the road again and taking in the scenery until I get there.-Tom Regan

(The track ) Stop it, Shut up (gave me visions of a) white hallway with lighting panels in the ceiling. Points of interest increase. Disjointed “leads”.  Monotonous riff repeats and drones on with spurts and sparks poping. Forest Oral -High contrast dark with neon. More accessible. Should be used in Bladerunner 2. -Matt Mozzone


Thank you Rob Galbraith for mastering the album. THank you PICTOGLAZE for the album art. Thank you Acord for believing in me. Thank you James Lastowski and Nicole Carriere for taking photos. Thank you John White, Jon E Garbador, Joe DeGeorge, Brian4Ever, Gretta Ribb, Isabelo Cruz, Ryan Scott, Daniel Pond, Justin Foster, Demetri Kasperson and Jacob Nathan for reaching out to me about booking.

A huge thanks to the friends Quantum Wampum. Its an absolute honor to be on the same label as Roz and the Rice Cakes, Watermelon, Feedback Psychosis, Darik Santos and  Player 2. Joe-Lou physical releases will happen at some point.

I love you Providence.




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is an offbeat musician from Providence RI. His real job involves designing exhibits, but by night he does this stuff.

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  1. <3 Great job, and congrats!

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