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Published on April 7th, 2014 | by Scott Meaney


M.A.D. Podcast: Who Are The Worst People?

The Mutually Assured Destruction podcast is taking a break from our usual deep-nerd pissing contests to focus on something a bit more general. This episode of M.A.D. is dedicated to whining about “the worst people in the world.”

A taste of things to come:

Scott votes for the people buying Powerball tickets at the deli. Matt lives a life of constant assault by door-to-door evangelists. Who will Greg side with?

It has nothing to do with movies. It has everything to do with petty ranting. This is Mutually Assured Destruction.

General Podcast Warning:
On SquarePop and PureFiller, we usually try to keep things reasonably work-safe. On the other hand, our podcasts usually feature a lot of cursing and implied violence. Be aware.

Please rate us and subscribe at iTunes. It helps. Or so we’ve heard in every other podcast we listen to.
(We also heard that you should use Squarespace, Fleshlights and ProFlowers… apparently.)

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