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Published on November 14th, 2013 | by Scott Meaney


Netflix Streaming Heads Up: Ya’ll gotta see this

November is shaping up to be a pretty decent month for Netflix.  

(I’m cross-posting this from my fledgling movie blog, PureFiller, but hey, I think it’s useful!)

I’m a big fan of Netflix’s streaming service. It’s a great way to find older and/or slightly obscure movies. (Where else can you rent Blood for Dracula these days?) Unfortunately, Netflix isn’t super-helpful if you’re looking for new, popular “regular-ass” normal movies. But, BUT! Every once in a while, Netflix comes through. Here are three picks for bigger movies that are streaming now:

Starting this week, Netflix popped up the third Daniel Craig installment of the James Bond series. Directed by Sam Mendes, of American Beauty and Road to Perdition fame, it’s Skyfall. It’s the newest and probably the best of the Craig-helmed Bonds.

What Maisie Knew
You’re having too good of a time with spies and stunts. Why not depress yourself with thoughts of divorce and custody battles? What Maisie Knew stars Julianne Moore and Steve Coogan as parents caught in a brutal custody battle over their daughter, Maisie.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
The “good” Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s still terrific. Watch it again. If only to try to forget the horrors that followed.

There’s plenty more on the way this month, including my favorite movie of the year, Only God Forgives (NOVEMBER 14th, mark your calendar), but this is a good mix of popcorn movies.

And come check out PureFiller. I’m still as active as ever here, but I’m lonely on Movie Nerd island.

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