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Published on May 20th, 2013 | by Scott Meaney


Marawa the Amazing: Hoop Fighter 2

Meet Marawa the Amazing, a woman that has mastered both the ancient arts of hoola* hooping and Internet self-promotion. She can hoop 133 hoops at the same time, according to her website. That’s a damn sight better than my “I can do one hoop for about three spins. Maybe.”

But hoola hoop news ain’t exactly lighting the world on fire these days, so why are we talking about this? Does Maraway have a hidden artistic message that the world simply must know? We have no idea, but she did make a hoola hoop themed Street Fighter II tribute video that’s completely crazy in all the right ways.


Credit where credit’s due, Kotaku found this pure YouTube gold first, but we had to share it. If SquarePop is here to spread intriguing, awesome stuff, Marawa the Amazing absolutely qualifies.

I always thought it was spelled “hula” but Marawa spells it “hoola.” I’m betting this chick knows a little more than me about hoop spelling, so “hoola” it is.

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