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Published on April 22nd, 2013 | by Scott Meaney


Michael Shannon Dramatically Reads An Insane Sorority Email

Michael Shannon did a theatrical reading of a mean sorority girl’s personal email. Hang on. I can explain that. 

Part 1: The Email

Last week, Gawker posted a horrifically mean email that one University of Maryland sorority sister sent to her fellow members. It’s worth reading for anyone that:

a) likes to read private things that were never meant for their eyes,

b) hates the idea of Frats and Sororities and needs that opinion to be validated,


c) just wants to read some damn fine insulting wordplay. This woman has a gift.

Part 2: Michael Shannon

What do you mean you don’t know who Michael Shannon is? He’s one of our finest modern actors! Have you not seen Shotgun Stories? It’s streaming on Netflix.

Shotgun Stories

How about Take Shelter? It’s one of the most honest portrayals of mental illness ever filmed!

Take Shelter

He’s also the guy my sister calls “that scrunch-faced dude who’s playing General Zod in the new Superman movie.” Really though, watch Shotgun Stories and Take Shelter. Both are excellent.

Now that you’re up to speed, prepare yourself for humor:

Michael Shannon Reads the Insane Delta Gamma Sorority Letter from Michael Shannon

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